WT-2040PT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Steel and Pipe

Item No.: WT-2040PT
WT-2040PT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Steel and Pipe with single working table, 500W to 3000W fiber laser source optional
WT-2040JH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Steel and Pipe
This machine the cutting of sheet metal with high efficiency and high precision, cast aluminum beam finite element analysis is carryout, using lightweight structure design. The perfect combination of NC system ,servo motor run the machine and cutting head make machine running more smoothly, and high repeat positioning accuracy.
1.  Machine Bed
  1. Machine bed with welded steel, high rigidity.
  2. Machine bed is temper heat treatment delete weld stress ensure in the course of transport and no easy deformation..
  3. Machine bed install rail, processing materials by gantry working center, ensure install surface flatness error of 0.02mm (Weld temper heat treatment lather bed)

2.  Cast aluminum Crossbeam
1) Beam with integrally cast molding, reasonable structure,high rigidity, not easy deformed.
2) Beam is processed by Gantry processing center, ensure the installing feature position tolerance.
3) Light weight Cast aluminum beam , small impact force, stopping at high accuracy position.

3.  Transmission system
  1. High accuracy helical rack
    1. Korean original oblique rack, big transmission torsion and strong rigidity.
    2. Big tooth meshing area, force transmit evenly, rack is no easy damaged.
  1. Original Imported Japan Yaskawa Servo motor and Shimpo Reducer
    1. Japan SHIMPO high accuracy reducer.
    2. Reducer torsion big, transmit smoothly.
    3. High Running accuracy, running accuracy 1arc

4.  Controlling system, follow system and cutting head
1?Controlling System
    Use Shanghai Cypcut control system, it is professional NC laser cutting software developed base on WINDOWS system, this software have features as below:
  1. Easy operate, save time and worker.
  2. Input format variety, accept many formats,  LXD,DXF?PLT and AT etc.    ?Controlling system?
  3. This software combine operate system and CAD format, convenience to lead in drawing, improve type setting speed, and save time.

    2?Following system

3?Laser cutting head
Cutting head: Raytools laser cutting head with automatic focus function
1.This cutting head has a strong advantage in the application of
medium power large format fiber laser cutting.
2.The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to
avoid dust contamination on the optical part.
3.This laser head adopts two-point alignment, and the focusing is
adjusted by cam structure accurately and conveniently.
4.The protective window is installed in cartridge, and is convenient to replace.
5.Can be equipped with various kinds of laser source with QBH connector.

5.  Cooling system
Water Chiller Units CWFL-1500 With Environmental Refrigerant For Fiber Lasers
S&A CWFL-1500 dual temperature industrial water chillers specially designed for cooling 1500W fiber lasers have multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technical Specifications

No. Item Parameter Unit Remark
1 Model WT-1530   Gantry structure
2 Working size 1500*3000 mm  
3  X travel 1500 mm  
4  Y travel 3000 mm  
5 Z travel 120 mm  
6 X/Y position accuracy ±0.02 mm  
7  Z position accuracy ±0.008 mm  
8  X/Y resetting
position accuracy
±0.015 mm  
9  Max no-loading running speed 100 m/min  
10  Processing panel thickness 10mm mm according to material thickness
11 X/Y max  accelerated speed 1.5 G  
12 Table Max loading weight 1.0 T  
13  Cooling Water cooling  
14 Power demand Voltage 380 V  
 Current 100 A  
frequency 50 HZ  
15 Outer size Length 3750 mm  
Width 2250 mm  
 High 1800 mm  
16  Machine weight 3.0 T