CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Steel Plate

Item No.: WT-1530D
The CNC plasma cutting machines are designed for cutting Steel and other metals with high efficiency using a Hyperformance plasma source. Portable CNC cutting machine for plasma cutting and oxyfuel cutting

CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency automatic cutting equipment for steel plate, which is developed by our company on the basis of advanced software and hardware technology at home and abroad. It can cut vertically and horizontally in straight line, and can also cut in any square position of arc curve. It has high cutting surface roughness, high precision and small deformation. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and advanced technology.

Basic Configurations:
Guide Rail Square Rail
Driving Mode Bilateral drive
Controller Cabinet Position Independent
Electronic Control Part 1 set
Mechanical Plasma Power Supply Chengdu Huayuan 200A power supply
CNC Cutting Torch 1 set
CNC Cutting Torch Lifting Body Special for gas anti-collision desktop
Driving Motor 3 sets of servo motor
Transmission 3 sets of precision rack and guide rail
Transverse pipeline transmission 1 set of drag chain
Longitudinal pipeline transmission 1 set of drag chain

Technical Parameters:
Effective cutting width 1500mm
Effective cutting length 3000mm
Idle travel speed 0-15000mm/min
Plasma cutting materials Carbon steel, stainless steel
Lifting distance of plasma cutting torch ≤100mm
Lifting mode of plasma cutting torch Arc pressure type automatic height adjustment and lifting
Accuracy standard of complete machine According to JB / t5102-1999
Perpendicularity tolerance of cutting torch up and down motion track ±0.2mm
Tracking accuracy tolerance of cutting torch up and down motion trajectory ±0.5mm
Overall accuracy of the whole machine
Side length (four sides) 1000 * 1000, line speed 500-800mm / min
Marking detection: intersection offset tolerance ±0.5mm
Marking detection: straightness tolerance ±0.2mm
Marking detection: roundness tolerance ±0.5mm
Marking detection: diagonal tolerance ±0.5mm
Set speed error ±5%
Cutting roughness (mass cutting) Ra≤12.5μ m
Straightness of main guide rail installation side 0.4mm/10000mm
Side straightness of auxiliary guide rail installation 1mm/20000mm
Horizontal accuracy of transverse rail surface of main guide rail installation ±0.1mm/1000mm
Two flatness tolerance of main and auxiliary guide rail installation 1mm
Cutting Samples:

Working Video: